List of Members  on the Sub-Committee (Innovation)
for the UoM Research & Innovation Week 2023

Faculty/ Centres/ Research Centres

Nominations (Innovation)


Prof Ponnadurai Ramasami


Faculty of Agriculture

  • Assoc Prof (Dr) Brinda Ramasawmy Molaye

(Faculty Research Advisor)

  • Mr Navindra Boodia
  • Mr Premchan Toree

Faculty of Engineering

  • Assoc Prof (Dr) Tulsi Pawan Fowdur

(Faculty Research Advisor)

  • Dr Raviduth Ramful
  • Dr Rajeshree Ramjug-Ballgobin
  • Dr Anagha Vaidya-Soocheta 
  • Ms Nazleen Domah

Faculty of Information, Communication and Digital Technologies

  • Assoc Prof (Dr) Maleika Heenaye Mamode-Khan (Faculty Research Advisor)
  • Mr  Krishnen  Muthen
  • Mr  Dassen  Sathan
  • Dr  Razvi  Doomun
  • Mrs Sultana Muttur

Faculty of Law & Management

  • Assoc Prof (Dr) Viraiyan Teeroovengadum

(Faculty Research Advisor) 

  • Prof Rajendra Parsad Gunputh
  • Mrs Gooneshwaree Maghun

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

  • Assoc Prof (Dr) Rajesh Jeewon (Coordinating)
  • Assoc Prof (Dr) Ganessen Chinien
  • Dr Imteaz Mohamadhosen

Faculty of Science

  • Assoc Prof (Dr) Vincent Florens

(Faculty Research Advisor)

  • Assoc Prof (Dr) Kishore Boodhoo
  • Assoc Prof (Dr) Prakashanand Caumul
  • Mrs Anusha Babooram-Essoo

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

  • Assoc Professor (Dr) Verena Tandrayen-Ragoobur (Faculty Research Advisor)
  • Mr Jason Narsoo
  • Mrs Vidhusha Bhurtun
  • Mrs Reena Seethiah


Centre for Innovative and Lifelong Learning (CILL)

  • Mrs Sandhya Gunness
  • Mr Ketan Ramhit


Centre for Biomedical and Biomaterials Research (CBBR)

Assoc Prof (Dr) Archana Bhaw-Luximon

Centre for Research on Slavery Indenture (CRSI)

Dr Manorama Akung

International Centre for Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality (ICSTH)

Professor Robin Nunkoo


Mrs Vidya Emeerith-Ackloo

Office of Pro-VC (P&R)

Mrs Raana Moideen

Services Section Section

Mr Aashish Rambhajan

UoM Press

Mr Doorga Ujodha


Office of the Vice-Chancellor

  • Ms Parveen Salamut
  • Mrs Kavita Appadoo