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Presentation 1

Developing An Entrepreneurial University: A Global Perspective

Link to Prof Zhang‚Äôs Speech:  
Developing An Entrepreneurial University_ A Global Perspective-20231128_143224-Meeting Recording.mp4

Presentation 2

Explainable AI for Colorectal Lesion Classification using Deep Learning Model with Attention Mechanism

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Presentation 3

Precision Face Verification with Alignment Enhancement

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Presentation 4

From the Lab to the Market: Developing a Model for Sustainable Innovation in Mauritius.

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Presentation 5

The HRDC Graduate Training for Employment Scheme, as a Skills Intermediation Instrument

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Presentation 6

A Framework for Understanding the Experiences of Consumers with Humanoid Service Robots

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Presentation 7

MRIC-TTO: Promoting Innovation and IP

First video by Ms S Sreedharan (Advocate & Patent Agent, SKS Law Associates):


Second video by beneficiary of the Patent-related Support Services, Mr A R Hosany: 

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Presentation 8

Improving Road Safety and Congestion in Mauritius: Using Generative AI.

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Presentation 9

Co-Creation Framework for developing Employability, Sustainability and Future Skills and Competencies at CILL

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