Research Theme - "Promoting Sustainability and Resilience through Interdisciplinary Research and Innovation"

UoM Research and Innovation Week 2023 Full Paper Publication Incentive Scheme for Presenting Author

Deadline - 14 June 2024

Message from the Pro-Vice-Chancellor

This 1st Edition of the UoM Research and Innovation Week that will be held from 27 November to 01 December 2023 marks a significant milestone in our academic journey, symbolising our commitment to Excellence, Innovation, and Sustainability. The year 2020 brought unprecedented challenges to the world, compelling us to adapt, innovate, and reimagine our approaches to research and innovation. The University of Mauritius, with its legacy of academic excellence, rose to the occasion, embracing the virtual realm to host the UoM Research Week in 2020 and 2021. In 2022, we navigated the hybrid mode, blending the best of both physical and virtual worlds for our academic community. Now, in 2023, we eagerly return to the presential mode, armed with the invaluable lessons learned during the pandemic years.

The Main Theme for this year's event, "Promoting Sustainability and Resilience through Interdisciplinary Research and Innovation”, resonates deeply with the global challenges and opportunities of our time. In the pursuit of knowledge, our journey has evolved to embrace interdisciplinarity. The boundaries between fields of study are becoming increasingly porous, and this fusion of expertise is where groundbreaking ideas emerge.

The Research and Innovation Week serves as a platform for cross-pollination of ideas, fostering an environment where scholars, researchers, and students from diverse backgrounds converge to tackle the most pressing issues facing humanity. Sustainability and resilience are the twin pillars upon which the future of our planet and society rests. Climate change, resource depletion, global health crises, and socio-economic disparities are among the complex challenges that demand our immediate attention.

It is within the realm of interdisciplinary research and innovation that we find hope and solutions. This event is a celebration of our collective commitment to addressing these challenges head-on, armed with knowledge, creativity, and collaboration.

I extend my best wishes to all participants for fruitful discussions. I trust that this Edition will excel in nurturing knowledge, fostering collaboration, facilitating networking, and offering solutions to local and global challenges.

May this event inspire you, challenge you, and empower you to make a lasting impact on our world through interdisciplinary research and innovation.

Prof M I Santally
Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academia)

Call for Abstracts

1st Edition of the UoM Research & Innovation Week

Monday 27 November 2023


Friday 01 December 2023

The 1st Edition of the UoM Research & Innovation Week will be organised by the University of Mauritius (UoM) from 27 November 2023 to 01 December 2023.

This event aims at providing a consolidated platform for staff, students and researchers to interact and carry out peer discussions on ongoing and emerging research & innovation issues. The main objective is, therefore, to showcase research being undertaken at the University which to a large extent is in line with national and international interests as well as innovative ideas.

The Organising Committee welcomes submissions under the Main Theme: “Promoting Sustainability and Resilience through Interdisciplinary Research and Innovation”.


Members of academic staff, students (including those having benefited or benefiting from research funding from UoM, local or international institutions), researchers from other Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and collaborative partners are invited to submit Abstracts for Oral Presentations and Poster Presentations. Stakeholders from private and public sectors, including alumni are also welcome to participate in this endeavour.

Research Centres (CBBR, CRSI and ICSTH) and Poles of Research (PREs/PRs) should showcase their achievements through either Poster and/or Oral Presentation under their respective Office/Faculty.

It is compulsory for registered MPhil/PhD students at UoM to participate actively in this Edition through any form of presentation of their intended research, or work in progress or achievements to date.

UoM final year undergraduate students are also invited to participate actively in this event.


Up to five (5) Abstracts inclusive of one (1) Oral Presentation and up to four (4) Poster Presentations either as first author or presenting author may be submitted. However, only one (1) Oral Presentation will be allowed per presenter.

Abstracts, strictly as per the format and related to the event’s Main Theme, should be submitted using the online submission system only by Monday 23 October 2023 at latest.

An abstract should not exceed one A4 size page and should be in MS Word format. Kindly ensure that your abstract is read and approved by all co-authors before submission.

All Abstracts will be peer-reviewed and checked for plagiarism. The corresponding author will be notified of acceptance at latest by Monday 06 November 2023.

All Abstracts should be formatted as per the template and submitted via the online submission system. The url for the online submission system and the Abstract Submission Guide will follow.


Accepted Abstracts will be published in the UoM Research & Innovation Week 2023 e-Book of Abstracts.

A Call for Applications pertaining to the UoM Research & Innovation Week 2023 Full Paper Publication Incentive Scheme for Presenting Author will be sent to all UoM presenting authors having made presentation at the UoM Research & Innovation Week 2023.


Abstract Submission Deadline:

Monday 23 October 2023 Monday 30 October 2023

Deadline for Notification of Acceptance:

Monday 06 November 2023

Deadline for Submission of PowerPoint Slide Presentations for Oral Sessions
(via Google Form) and Poster Presentations (via Online Platform):

Monday 20 November 2023 Tuesday 21 November 2023 noon


  • Powerpoint Presentations for Standard Oral Presentations should be uploaded via Google Form before 21 November 2023 at noon using the following Link:https://forms.gle/btneTWuchANaJvP79
  • Powerpoint Presentations for Flash Oral Presentations should be uploaded via Google Form before 21 November 2023 at noon using the following Link:
  • Soft Copy of Posters should be uploaded via Google Form before 21 November 2023 at noon in PDF version using the following link:

    - Posters must be in A1 Format.
    - A1 Posters will be printed by the UoM Press and posted during the event on Display Boards in the Raised Plaza, Academic Complex Building, University of Mauritius.

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