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Professor (Dr) Kavi Kumar Khedo, FIET, SMIEEE, SMACM
Professor (Dr) Kavi Kumar Khedo, FIET, SMIEEE, SMACM Dean of Faculty
Dean's Message

Dear students, first and foremost let me congratulate you for having secured a seat at the Faculty of Information, Communication and Digital Technologies. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the faculty for a highly fruitful academic and intellectual journey.  

Faculty  of  Information, Communication and Digital Technologies  (FoICDT) has been set-up to essentially respond to the significant human resource needs, in terms of quantity and quality, of the country to make Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector the main pillar of the economy. One of the core tasks of the FoICDT is to provide high quality ICT education and training of international standards so as to increase the global competitiveness of Mauritius. 

The  different  programme  of  studies  offered  at  FoICDT  will  allow  you  to  apply  cutting  edge technologies  to  creatively  design  and  develop  efficient  and  robust  computer  systems.  The programmes will also allow you to grow as a mature professional and be able to take leadership roles  with  good  knowledge  of  computing  solutions  in  interdisciplinary  or  multidisciplinary areas. Moreover, students will develop the essential technical and soft skills to seamlessly make the transition from University to the  IT industry and adapt to a professional environment.  The Faculty is setting up of three innovative labs namely: Robotics Lab, A.I & Data Analytics Lab and Animation & VFX Lab. These labs will allow  us to develop competencies in  highly  specialized areas such as Data Analytics, IoT, Animation and A.I.  Moreover, these labs are expected to spur research and innovation in emerging areas of national interest including Machine Learning and Robotics. 

During your stay at the Faculty you will be required to strictly abide by all the UoM rules and regulations.  You  are  required  to  regularly  consult  the  UoM  website  for  information  regarding your respective programme structure. Note also the primary channel of communication will be e-mail and thus you are required to verify your emails on a regular basis. Moreover, as a student of this University you are expected to show ethical behaviour and mutual respect. You are also encouraged to make proper use of social media and to always uphold the good reputation of the University of Mauritius.  Make sure you respect all deadlines for module registration and submission of coursework.  You should always abide by the sanitary protocols put in place at the University. The mode of delivery for the lectures will be mainly online and for the practical/tutorials it will be face-to-face. Note that University of Mauritius is a smoke free, alcohol free and drug free campus.

You  are  encouraged  to  actively  engage  with  the  local  communities  in  order  to  formulate computing solutions that is responsive to their needs and to become engaged citizens. You are also encouraged to participate in the different events and activities organized by the University and the student community. Indeed you should actively participate in the University life; engage in peer-discussions and reflections; interact with alumni and industry partners and participate in extra-curricular activities that foster your cultural, political, sporting and artistic interests.

With  these  few  words  I  sincerely  wish  you  all  the  best  for  an  enriching  experience  at  the University of Mauritius.

Kind Regards,

Professor (Dr) Kavi Kumar Khedo, FIET, SMIEEE, SMACM  
Dean, Faculty of Information, Communication and Digital Technologies (FoICDT)